Diving Chambers

Saturation Chambers

OXYCARE provides Saturation Diving Chambers in accordance of IMCA standards.

Air & Mixed Gas Supply System

Air Supply System provides essential compression air for the chamber.

  • HP Compressor 220 bar or above
  • HP Ai r Cylinders 50 lt, 220 bar
  • Fil ter Bank & Air Dryer 1 filter + Air dryer

The chambers, which are designed in line with the wishes of our customers, keeping safety in the forefront, are manufactured in accordance with European GL, DNV standards. In addition, with the solutions we offer, we comprehensively complete all the issues that our customers may need.

Sub Systems

Air Supply System provides essential compression air for the chamber.


In order to meet the safety regulations, the chambers are designed as and equipped with two-door for MC and TC. Circular watertight door diameter can differ between 650 to 800 mm

Seats And Bunks

The seats inside the chamber are orthopedic, made from artificial plain leather and flameproof foam is used inside and bunk also has same characteristics. The seats are designed in such a way to ease the assembling and dismantling.


Viewports are designed, manufactured, and tested according to ASME PVHO standards

Medical Lock

Medical lock allows the transfer of medical supplies between outside and inside of the chamber during treatment session without interrupting the treatment. Medical lock is protected from accidental decompression by a double-lock system. This system prevents both covers to stay open. Medical lock is made from AI 5083, ensuring over 8 years of lifetime without any problems.

Painting Procedure

The chambers are painted with certified flameproof and non-poisonous type epoxy paint both inside and outside. In order to make the surface of the chambers smooth, pasting is applied after the sand blasting process. Thus, the life-span of the chambers becomes longer after this application.

The paint starts burning at higher temperature compared to similar products because of its flameproof characteristics and the burning only occurs locally at the centre of the heat effect and when the heat source is moved away the fire goes out on its own. Moreover, the steam from the burning paint is not harmful for human health.

BIBS (Built-In Breathing System)

BIBS is a system responsible for supplying the divers and health officials the required treatment gas for breathing and is also responsible for exhaustion of the used breathing gas from the system. Amron 350 M BIBS mask is a breathing mask that is used to deliver the treatment gas to the diver.

Lighting System

Hyperbaric approved LED lighting system is used in the chambers. The lighting assemblies are divided into groups. The lights generate no noise.

Emergency Valves

Emergency evacuation (relief) valves ensure to keep the pressure not to exceed desired level. In a faulty case when the pressure increases too much, the system evacuates the excessive pressure to prevent patients getting any harm. There are two types of valves in the system. Manual valves are used when the automatic valves are out of order or when an emergency discharge is needed. All valves are CE certified.