Diving Chambers

Decompression Chambers

The chambers are manufactured in compliance with the world’ s top-quality standards, which guarantee both the comfort and safety of the patients. For the purposes of subassembly and service procurement, we cooperate only with reputated manufacturers of medical electronic and pressure equipment. The company complies with global environmental standards.

Decompression Chamber Systems are designed, manufactured, and tested according to EN 14931 norms. The design has been made according to AD 2000. The chamber consists of 2 compartments which are called “ main compartment” and “ entry compartment”. Only certified materials are used in the chambers.

The chambers have cylindrical or rectangular shaped doors according to the needs of the clients.

Technical Specifications

  • Working Pressure up to 10.0 bar
  • Design Pressure up to 10.0 bar
  • Test Pressure up to 15.0 bar
  • Capacity 2 - 8 people
  • Diameter 1.5 m - 1.8 m
  • Length 2.5 m - 5.5 m
  • Weight 2.5 t - 8 t
  • Number of Doors 2 pcs
  • Number of Windows 2 - 6 pcs
  • Material HII STEEL
  • Window Diameter 220 mm
  • Door Diameter 800 mm
  • Design Temperature -20 / +50 ˚C
  • Approval Turk Lloyd

The chambers, which are designed in line with the wishes of our customers, keeping safety in the forefront, are manufactured in accordance with European GL, DNV standards. In addition, with the solutions we offer, we comprehensively complete all the issues that our customers may need.