HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment consisting of breathing 100% pure oxygen while in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber. HBOT utilizes this increased pressure to deliver oxygen to tissues much more effectively than can be achieved under normal conditions.

Normally we rely on our red blood cells to shuttle oxygen from our lungs to our tissues. With increased pressure oxygen dissolves into the blood plasma and all other body fluids. This extra oxygen speeds up and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.

HBOT is now gaining international recognition as one of the safest and most dynamic therapies available for numerous medical conditions.

  • Medical Grade Compression Gas System
  • Communication System
  • Video Monitoring System
  • Video Recording
  • Viewports
  • Medical Lock
  • O2 & CO2 Gas Analyzers
  • O2 & CO2 Monitoring
  • Air Conditioner
  • Oxygen Mask & Hood
  • Hyperbaric Lights
  • CO2 Scrubber
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Hyperbaric Fire Extinguishers
  • Oxygen Storage Cylinders
  • High Pressure Air Storage Cylinders
  • High Pressure Air Compressor
  • Spare Penetrators
  • Medical Lock
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Caisson Gauge
  • Benching/Seating/Stretcher
  • Used also For Monoplace Chamber

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